Free Mold Inspection Consumer Alert


More and more pest control and fire/water damage companies are generating consumer complaints with so-called “Free Mold or Crawl Space Inspections.”

Many unethical companies deceptively use a “free inspection” as a way to get into your home in order to give you a high pressure sales pitch. Consumers have found that these “free inspections” often come with a hefty price tag when the salesman presents a frightening list of dangerous conditions that he claims need immediate and expensive repairs.

HEI believes you deserve the peace of mind of having your home evaluated by an objective, professional inspector, who is not there to sell you expensive and often unnecessary repair services.

We offer honest, accurate inspections that carefully outline whatever actions may be required to correct any problems. We can guide you with step by step instructions about what to do and provide the professional equipment that you will need for most repairs. Many of our clients have saved thousands of dollars this way by doing the work themselves.

If the extent of damage requires more extensive repairs, we can recommend reliable and honest local companies that we have worked with and trust. Your home is your family’s greatest investment and deserves honest, objective inspections like those offered by HEI. Call (252) 473-6525 for more information.